Friday 17 March 2023

Benito's Slimming World Group

To All My Dear Global Friends and Relatives & 
my New 'Slimming World Group' friends. 


Benny writes ......

This blog spot titled 'Benny's Slimming World' may come as a surprise for those following what Benny’s next project is!!

Let me begin, as you all know my Live Music entertaining with my dance band 'Black Velvet' or 'Velvet Touch' duo/trio at dinner dances, weddings, private parties, social clubs and corporate events came to an end right through the COVID 19 period, made me very lazy, and all I did was wine and dine at home, (overeating all day long), resulting in me being overweight by 2 stones, and after the lockdown, I only did a handful of live gigs, and went to my River Club swimming once in a while. 

Good luck suddenly came my way - a leaflet through our letter box introducing the 'SLIMMING WORLD' Group next door to where we live, inviting new members. This looked tempting and I decided to join the group.

I phoned the Organiser/Manager M/s Lynn Morgan and asked her if she would accept me as a member only to be told I was most welcome.


Here we go – I made my way to the venue just 5 minutes’ walk away from our home, and on arrival I found myself amongst 32+ lovely ladies. I, being the only man. Lynn who was busy came to welcome me, and I said to Lynn, I think this is not for me being the only man, but as luck would be, Lynn insisted I stay being accepted as a member. 


What a good decision I chose to stay as I immediately made friends with most of the members, all so friendly, and Lynn and her team certainly doing a great job making our meetings so exciting from start to finish with good advice, and every week being different focused on achieving our goal !! Lose weight.


The good news – in the first 4 weeks I lost ½ a stone, Betty preparing all our daily meals using the wonderful Slimming World cookery books - new methods of cooking without any oil, we enjoy all the great dishes. (I have attached some photos below).


Well, all my good friends, before long you will see the change in me, back to being slimline Ben for certain.


By receipt of this posting, my dear friends, Ladies & Gentlemen, if you feel you are overweight, just join the ‘SLIMMING WORLD’, branches everywhere. 

A Million Thanks to Lynn and her superb friendly well organised team. I will be attending my Tuesday classes even after I am back to my desired weight of 11st. It is a real cool friendly group where we discuss all our weekly progress sharing ideas and suggestions with focus on keeping to the right weight we wish to be.


Note to our new global members of Benny's:  Karibu Paradise Zanzibar …….    please take note of the new pages introduced and look forward to your postings. 

As for Betty’s & Benny’s family website, - new changes to soon follow ……


Best regards to one and all. Stay Well and Keep Fit.


Love Benny & Betty

= = = = = = = = = = =

Very Special Thanks to Lynn Morgan 

and the Superb Team of ‘Slimming World’

Worcester Park Tuesday Groups, 

St Mary's Cuddington. The Avenue, 

Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 7HL.

Please get in touch to find out more ...

Lyn Morgan -

= = = = = = = = = = = 

Here comes the Boss!! - Ha Ha - Here comes the Judge!!
Introducing Lynn Morgan

Betty's New Slimming World Cookery books.

Enjoy great dishes from Slimming World's books.

= = = = = = = = = = = 

Benito's Success Report - Group Congratulations
Benny loses 1/2 stone.

Benny's & Betty's daily afternoon tea time treat
Cannot resist!!! SYNS Galore!! ha ha

Benny adds 1/2 lb. after wining & dining at my 
granddaughter EMILY's  21st Birthday bash.
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = =
Betty prepares all our daily delicious meals using recipes
from the Slimming World cooking books.

New Soup recipe.

Benny looks forward to the weekend breakfast.
Only on Saturdays and Sundays. All cooked with no oil.

12th January


Dear Benito,


It was lovely to meet you on Tuesday, I just wanted to welcome you to our group. I’m hoping by now you’ve started making your way through your Food Optimising pack from cover-to-cover and have already been starting to experiment with all the delicious Free Foods and meals you can enjoy without weighing, measuring or counting a single bean! Spag bol, steak, egg and chip suppers (a favourite – and no need to hold back on the mushy peas and beans!), roast dinners, curries, cooked breakfasts…You and your family and friends can really can enjoy all these great meals without counting a single Syn – and you can go back for seconds! 

On top of that choose your measured Healthy Extras – two ‘a’ choices and one ‘b’ choice a day – all topped off with your 5-25 Syns each day (carefully measured of course!). You’ll be amazed at the results on the scales next week!


I remember how much courage it takes to walk through those doors into a group, and how overwhelming it can be when you’re starting a brand-new eating plan – a brand new way of life. I wanted you to know that you’ve done the right thing – you’ve come to the right place and that, along with the new friends at group you will find, I’m 100% committed to supporting you at every point on your journey – not just now as a new member, but if ever you’re struggling or unsure of anything in future. 


I promised you in group this week that I’d do everything I can to help you get to where you want to be and be the consultant that you want me to be for you – and the best way for me to do that is through our amazing group support, which we call IMAGE Therapy. It stands for Individual Motivation and Group Experience – and that really is what it is – individual motivation for every single member with the help and support of every other member in the group. This is what you’re paying for – and this is what will make the real difference to your weight loss. Stay for the whole 40-45 mins, each and every week and soak up all the love, foodie ideas, insight, sharing and humour that will come with it. It’ll make you feel a million dollars - even on those weeks when the scales go in the wrong direction (and we all have them) and it will keep you learning, motivated and most importantly, losing weight beautifully – all the way to your personal target weight.


My contact details are here on this letter and also at the back of your Food Optimising book. Whenever you need me, I’m here.

our private Facebook page please do join 

Worcester Park Slimming World 

With all my love and best wishes for a fabulous first Food Optimising week, Lynn


Alongside Betty's cooking helping Benny to lose weight, 
Betty enjoys her Sugar Craft & is a Specialist
at Cocktail making.

Cake below just completed today 16th March 2023

Benny's New Musical project will commence after I have had my 
Keyhole Surgery on my left shoulder, hopefully very soon.

With fondest love to one and all.
Benny & Betty, Simba & Suki


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

WOW  Benny  You are the Best !    DREAM TEAM... with Betty ..   

Slimming and Swimming   
                        Swinging and Singing   !
Love and Prayers  for a Good Doctor Visit  .. may you get  good news   that  Good Date that same date  I will be seeing my Doctor too  for    My Annual Check up  .- and hope to have a new drivers Licence   The Old One expires that same date ..    MARCH 22..
   Surviving   Thriving  Reviving  Driving  along
                              " singing a song ! .. Side by side"  ..!!

Thank you Hazel for your kind words and prayers much appreciated.

Wish you too all the best at your annual medical check up and keep enjoying good driving with your renewed licence.

Love - Benny & Betty